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The Department of Botany, Jagiroad College was established in the year 1987. The department was then headed by Dr. Anil Borah. The department first started with 87 Higher Secondary students. In the year 1991, pass course in Botany started with 16 students and following that in 1993, major course in Botany started with 8 students. The superannuated teachers of the department are Dr. Anil Borah and Dr. Dulal Dutta. The Department is presently under the able leadership of Mr. Subrata Paul. The other faculty members are Ms. Junu Poudel, Mr. Mindar Ingti, Dr. Sangeeta Sarma. The Department offers BSc program in Botany for both Honours and Regular course. The seat capacity for Honours course is 35. The Department of Biotechnology is associated with the Department of Botany. The Department offers Regular courses in Biotechnology. Laboratory chemicals and other equipment are maintained in the department laboratories. A stock register is also maintained for the chemicals. The Department also has a spacious well-equipped laboratory sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, where students can carry out their practical sessions. A departmental library is maintained for the benefit of the students. The library is fully accessible to them. Around 217 books of national and international standards are present. A register is also maintained for the issuing books. The Department has successfully completed the identification and naming of the plants available in the college campus. Around 83 plant species have already been identified and named. Most of these trees are tagged with their botanical, vernacular names along with the family they belong to so the interested students get informed. Trees specially of different categories such as timber yielding, avenue trees, fruit yielding trees, medicinal plants, etc. grow here. Flora of Jagiroad college shows spectacular floral diversity of many native and introduced tree species of ornamental, shade, landscaping, fruit species within the premises. These plants not only increase the scenic beauty of the campus but also serve as the main carbon sink source. The Department has conducted several activities from time to time. A special mention is a student interactive programme was organized by the Department on 23rd August 2019. Dr. Sashin Kumar Borthakur, Retd. Professor, Department of Botany, Gauhati University delivered a lecture on traditional medicine vs modern scientific knowledge. Around 100 students participated in the programme. The diversity of medicinal plants in a specific area specially in a college or university is indicative of the fact that the institute is laying emphasis on the preservation and promotion of traditional knowledge. The Department of Botany is maintaining a medicinal plant garden that consists of a good number of plant species of medicinal importance. The present status of flora is representative of the regional and local floristic diversity. About 40 medicinal plant species were found to grow in the college campus. A vermicomposting unit is maintained in the College campus with the help of locally available appropriate species of composting earthworms (Eisenia fetida). Huge amount of plant biomass produced is reduced into available plant nutrient rich organic manure. Vermicompost generated in the composting unit is applied to flower garden and vegetable garden of the college. Mushrooms are important sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals and is considered as a healthy food for people of all ages. It can form an important ingredient of food for balance diet. Botany curriculum includes the technique of cultivation of mushrooms. The department has started cultivation of mushroom recently and will provide training in days to come to students as well as interested farmers. As part of campus beautification, the college has an orchidarium. The orchids are of mainly local varieties and species collected by the Botany Department. The main objective is to preserve the local species. Our vision is to conduct proper teaching and training on the patterns and processes of life with a focus on plants and their environments. Our mission is to foster an environment of excellence by attracting and supporting the outstanding students, faculty and staff needed to sustain our vision.

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