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A hearty welcome to the Department of Mathematics, Jagiroad College. The department of mathematics, Jagiroad College, came into existence in the year 1986 as an integral part of the Science stream of the College through the introduction of the Higher Secondary Course under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council. Mathematics is well known as the language of all the science branches. It is also known as the mother of technology and the father of humanity as one can step no more ahead without the knowledge of mathematics. The advancement of civilisation can be scaled through the advancement of the contemporary mathematical knowledge, understanding and skills. So, the department has been leaving no stone unturned to provide quality mathematics education to the students of the college and also to the students of various institutions of its peripheral region through the mathematics popularization programmes since its inception. Considering the greater demand of the student community, the Degree general course in mathematics was introduced in the year 1988 and the provision for offering Major courses in the subject was made in the year 1993. The intake capacity of students in honours/major course in each semester is limited to 20. Initially, the department was started with one faculty member and at present there are a total of four faculty members in three sanctioned and one temporary post. Late Bhogram Bora, a Gold Medallist in Mathematics from Gauhati University, was the first faculty member of the Department who single handed ran the department until Mrs. Anuva Das Purkayastha joined in the department as the second faculty member in the year 1990. Dr. B. C. Neog, the present Principal of the College, Dr. A. R. Burhagohain and Dr. Mitali Sarma are the third, fourth and fifth in the row of faculty members of the department who joined in the year 1994, 1995 and 1997 respectively. As there are only three sanctioned posts in the department and the workload of each individual teacher is more than the average, to meet the need of the students some temporary arrangements have been made by appointing temporary teachers in the department at times. The temporary teachers who served in the department for short tenures were Dr. Kumud Nath, Mr. Soumen Poddar, Ms. Popy Deka, Mr. Atul Das, Mr. Rohit Deka, Dr. Hemanta Kalita and Mr. Apurba Deka at different times. Dr. Sahidul Islam Khan served in the department for about three years against lien vacancy. Presently, Mrs. Dimpi Rajbongshi has been serving as a faculty member in an unsanctioned post. The department has a well-equipped computer laboratory with good amount of computers launched with useful software packages like Mathematica, Matlab etc. which has been funded and supported by the Star College Scheme of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. Departmental seminar library with 656 books is an asset of the department through which the students can avail books to study in the department at their leisure times and the students are also allowed to borrow books from the library at any time. The faculty members of the department are trained, well-experienced, laborious, responsible and duty-conscious. The motivations of the faculty members to the research activities are quite encouraging and about 67% of them are already involved in the research enterprises. Two of them have already published several numbers of papers in peer-reviewed international journals. The students of the department are guided by the mentor and mentee teachers and orient them for pursuing higher education and to aspire for better careers. The students are motivated and encouraged in such a way that they actively participate in the departmental seminars, group discussions, poster exhibitions, mathematical model constructions, mathematics quiz competitions and other academic events of department and the college as well voluntarily. The department annually organises workshops, popular lectures, hands on training sessions, interaction programmes with prominent mathematicians of the state, outreach programmes for the exposure, better learning and benefit of the students. The alumni of the department are engaged in various posts in various institutions like schools, colleges, offices, bank establishments etc. and some of them are self-employed.

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