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CCA Facilities:

Computer Centre:

The College has four sophisticated computer Lab (including a computer Center aand Language Lab) with 46 computers for running the PGDCA, Degree level Vocational course and other short term courses for students. All the Laboratories are configured by two online UPS. Laboratory wise Windows XP, Windows 7 and Ubuntu Operating System has installed in the Computers. Computer Center has been built by the Assam Government under ICT scheme and Amtron implemented the project. It has 20 Linux based computers, one Laser Printer, one flat bed scanner and parallel storage provisions, with online UPS, supported by a diesel Generator set for power backup.

Ethnic Museum:

A unique ethnic museum is being developed by the College and it is located in the expanded section of the Central Library. A new museum building is under construction in front of the central library with the financial assistance from Tiwa Autonomous Council.

Departmental Libraries:

Every department of study of the College has a separate library of its own. Books are issued to both teachers and students specially of Major Courses and reference books.

Conference Hall:

The newly built Conference Hall of the College is an active centre for holding brain-storming sessions among the staff and the students.


A sprawling 8000 sq. ft. auditorium has come up for smooth organization of events and activities throughout the session.


The Swapna Majika triple storied Girls Hostel with an intake capacity of 120 offers excellent facilities of easy and comfortable stay. The Zoon Beel R.C.C. Boys Hostel with an intake capacity of 60 students also provides a pleasant and cosy environment for academic pursuits to its inmates.

Purified and cold drinking water facility:

The College has been providing clean, pure and cold drinking water facilities to all the students and all other internal stakeholders.

Uninterrupted Power Supply:

The College has installed a solar power plant in order to facilitate uninterrupted power supply throughout the campus. A generator set is also there for quick backup of the power supply system.

Digital Class Rooms:

The College authority has introduced digital class rooms with smart boards in six class rooms and one seminar room of the College to facilitate updated and smooth teaching-learning mechanism.

Boys and Girls Common Room:

The College has provided spacious Boys' and Girls' common rooms with attached toilets and necessary amenities.


The College has a sixteen station multi gymnasium near the College auditorium. It also houses the yoga centre of the College.


The College authority has set up a good canteen that offers its services to the students and staff of the College.

Open Air Sitting Places:

The College offers a serene open air tree covered sitting space for students inside its premises. A lush green lawn is also being prepared for holding of open- air sessions. The Annual Debate among the contestants of JCSU office bearers is an attractive event-traditionally held every year in the grass carpeted lawn.


The Jagiroad College NCC Unit is an active cadets Unit. The Cadets participate in Annual Training Camp, Army Attachment Camp, Combined Annual Training Camp, National Integration Camp, Sainik Camp, Republic Day Camp etc. quite regularly.


Set up under the Gauhati University, the College N.S.S. unit has been organizing programmes on themes like 'Clean your Locality', 'Green your Locality', 'Clean your Campus', 'Green your Campus', besides holding awareness programmes on topics of various public.


Set up under the Gauhati University, the College N.S.S. unit has been organizing programmes on themes like 'Clean your Locality', 'Green your Locality', 'Clean your Campus', 'Green your Campus', besides holding awareness programmes on topics of various public.

Scouts and Guides:

The College also has a unit of the Bharat Scouts and Guides which aim at developing a spirit of service, good character and good health among the members.

Jagiroad College Students' Union:

The union body of the students is constituted by holding a democratic election among the students. It plays an active and collaborative role in fulfilling the aims and objectives of the Institution.


  1. Seminar Forum
  2. Literary and Debating Society
  3. Cultural Society
  4. Game and Sports Society
  5. Unit of Assam Science Society
  6. Unit of North East India Geographical Society
  7. Society for Chemical Education
  8. History Society
  9. College Mathematics Forum
  10. Assamese Department Literary Society

Grievance Redressal Cell:

The College authority is quite conscious about the grievances of stakeholders and hence set up an effective Grievance Redressal Cell in order to professionally manage grievances and undertake ameliorative steps. Regarding the grievances of students and guardians, the Grievance Redressal Cell members have been effectively guided by the Principal. The Grievance Redressal Cell aims to undertake effective and professional management of grievances of all stakeholders.

Anti-Ragging Cell and Anti-Ragging Squad:

The college students have been maintaining a good reputation by avoiding ragging in the campus. As a precautionary measure the college authority has also established anti-ragging cell as per the directives of the Supreme Court. An anti-ragging squad has also been setup in the college recently with few senior faculty members including wardens of the hostels.

Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell:

As per the recent guidelines issued by the DHE, the College has also form an Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell with members from both the genders.

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