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The vision statement of the college is a declaration for realizing its core values. It is stated as follows:
"The College aims to inculcate a unique value-based and learner-centric approach in all its plans and programmes. By evolving its own quality assurance and sustenance mechanism, the college would strive to achieve academic excellence - while drawing its resources from both the indigenous knowledge base and the Page 2/73 26-10-2022 09:03:55 Self Study Report of JAGIROAD COLLEGE ICT-based global knowledge expansion process. It would also align its paradigms earnestly towards sustainable development, peace and conflict resolution and vertical mobility of the learners belonging mostly to the socioeconomically disadvantaged section of the society in order to foster national development and regional harmony".

While translating its vision into reality-

The College emphasizes to-

During its journey since 1979, the College could inculcate its values with commitments in the academic world through-


The roadmap to attain its stated vision, the College outlines its mission statements as follows: While translating the vision into reality, we keep the following points always in our mind: Tune to its blueprint of fast-track development, it has been rendering its services towards:
  1. Imparting quality education to the rural masses.
  2. Facilitating values in the mind of the students.
  3. An all-inclusive growth of the institution.
  4. A strong, healthy synergy between the stakeholders and the Institution.
  5. Fulfilment of necessary infrastructural needs.
  6. Ensuring that the students' assessment mechanism is unfair and reliable.
  7. Maintenance of discipline among the students through care and supervision.
  8. Appreciation for the good work done by the stakeholders.
  9. Introducing academic programmes on emerging areas, including self-financed courses.

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